Best Kind of Hair Straightener to Buy? Which is Better Hair Straighteners Or Curling Irons?

Best Kind of Hair Straightener to Buy

Styling up the hair neatly is a common thing among women. The hair is given equal importance by a woman when it comes to dressing up for an event or occasion. Most of the women these days prefer to turn their hair into a straight one for big events, parties, and functions.

As straight hair is the in thing these days, women prefer to use hair straightening tools to get the desired look of their hair. There are many women who also try to use curling irons to curl up their straight hair.

So, whatever be the occasion, you will need the right kind of hair tools to bring out the desired hairstyle. The curling irons and the hair straightening tools or flat irons are very effective hair tools to offer many diverse results.  What is the best kind of hair straightener to buy? Read on to find out more!

Curling irons and hair straighteners

The hair straighteners are a versatile product that will help in smoothing a curly hair into a voluminous straight hair in a matter of minutes. It is offered in a wide range of sizes, plate widths, handle options and lengths to suit the needs of various types of hairs.

The hot plates provided in the hair straighteners are made using a wide variety of materials like ceramic, titanium, metal, glass, etc. The curling irons, on the other hand, can create a wide range of curls on straight hairs.

The width of the barrel will determine the tightness or the looseness of the hair curls. You can use plenty of different techniques to get many different curls in your hair using the curling irons.

The following are the things you need to check out when you are making a comparison between the hair straightener and the curling iron.


The curling irons can be used to curl the ends of your hair. They are also machines that will help in creating spirals on your hair from the roots to the hair ends. They will work well on straight hairs and give the hair ends the desired curl look.

They can also add shape and volume to the already existing curly hair. Flat irons or hair straighteners are a very useful hair tool to straighten curly hair and give more volume to straight hair. The frizz and the dullness of the hair are easily removed when you use hair straighteners. These irons can be used to create waves, spikes and flips on the hair to make it look very attractive.

Shape and design

  • The hair curling irons are round in shape and come out with a wide range of sizes to suit different kinds of hair curls
  • The hair straightener will be having two hot plates that will be pressed together over the hair strands to make it straight
  • Both the curling and flat irons are having heat plates to help curl or straighten the air respectively
  • The curling irons will take a lot of time to bring out the curls in the hair from the root to the ends
  • The straightening of the hair is done easily with the help of quality hair straighteners

Hair protection

If the hair tools are not used properly, then they can cause damage to the hair. It is the case for both curling irons and flat irons. The curling irons tough can cause more damage to the hair if not used properly. This is because the curling irons need to work more on the hair and kept more on the hair in order to get the desired curls. The hair straighteners will not take a lot of time to straighten hair.

So what is the best kind of hair straightener to buy?

The hair straightener has got a slight edge over the curling irons. The flat irons can be used to create curls at the hair ends if they are used properly. The curling irons are designed only to make curls of hair and will not help in straightening the hair.

The hair straightening tool need not be kept for a long time on the hair to flatten it. The curling iron needs to be kept for more time for the hair to get the desired curls. Also, as the curling irons take more time to produce the curls, they can cause damage to the hair. This is not the case with hair straighteners. The hair straightener is a more versatile hair tool than the curling iron.

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