Hair Straightener Temperature Guide

Hair Straightener Temperature Guide

Are you in awe with the beautiful hair that Goldilocks has? Do you want to straighten your hair using the modern hair straightening tools, but do not know how to use it? Well, many women love to have their hair straightened in order to look beautiful and attractive.

One of the most common hairdos that women prefer for main events, functions, parties or weddings is a straight hair. The most common tool used by women to straighten then hair is the hair straightening iron. Even though many women use this tool, they are not fully aware of using the product.

The most important characteristic that you should always keep a check on when using hair straighteners is the temperature of the plates. Flat ironing your hair is an easy job, but it needs to be done with the right temperature in order to get the results that you want and we’ve made this hair straightener temperature guide for that purpose!

Importance of temperature adjustment

Whenever you are in the market to buy a hair straightener, it is ideal to buy one that has temperature adjusting feature. No two women will be having the same kind of hair. The machine that suits your friend’s hair will not be the perfect one for you.

Hence, buying a machine with a temperature control option will help you to get your hair straight without causing any damage to it. If you are flat ironing your hair at a low temperature, then it can make your locks look awkward and non-luscious.

The shine of the mane can also get destroyed and your hair will become lackluster and dull. On the contrary, if the temperature of the plates is turned too high, then there is every chance of burning the hair or things can turn pretty ugly very fast.

There is no way your hair straightener should reach a temperature of 420°F as the keratin protein in your hair will melt. If this happens, then no conditioner will be able to repair the damage caused to your hair as it will become an irreversible damage. The hair will start to break and you will see split ends.

The ideal temperature

According to researchers and popular styling experts, the right temperature that you can set on your hair straightener is 365°F. This is the perfect temperature that your flat iron should have to enjoy beautiful and attractive looking locks in the fewest of strokes.

At this temperature, your hair will remain moist and will look shiny and smooth. The hair cuticles will be sealed and the humidity will be resisted. By using this optimal temperature, you will not have to make a lot of passes over your hair to straighten it. The time that you take to straighten your hair will also be greatly reduced and you can get ready very quickly.

There are a few more things you need to take into consideration when choosing the right temperature for setting your hair.

For finer hair

  • If your hair is very thin and fine and has undergone regular permanent color treatments, then it is advised to set the temperature of the hair straightening tool to about 320°F
  • This is the ideal temperature to use on chemically treated hairs or once that have been colored
  • There is no risk in causing any further damage to the hair when you use this temperature
  • This way you can enjoy less frizzy ends and you will need just a few strokes to get your hair smooth and shiny

Healthy hair

  • If you have been using organic and good quality shampoos and conditioners for your hair and do not color your hair, then the ideal temperature to set on the hair straightener is about 370 to 375 degrees F
  • You should always be ready to use a moderate temperature to work on your hair even if it takes some more time to get it straightened
  • This way you will not damage the medium textured hair and its protein will be intact

Thick hair

If you are having tight curls, thick and coarse hair and if you have not use any chemical treatments or coloring of your hair, then you can very well choose to set a temperature in the range of 410 to 440 degrees F on the hair straightener. It is advised not to go beyond 440 degrees F if you straighten your thick hair regularly.

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