What Is A Hair Straightener?

What is a hair straightener

A hair straightener is a tool used to modify the shape of the hair or texture temporarily.  Styling the hair using the straighteners gives the hair a sleek and streamlined appearance. The use of the tools for hair straightening was started in the 1890’s but became very popular after 1950’s.  If you are unsure, hopefully this guide will help you answer “what is a hair staightener?”

It is possible to remove the waviness and curls of the hair using a good hair straightener. Hair styling is an important part of daily dressing and it is possible to create different hair styles using this tool. Hair irons heat the hair to relax the hydrogen bonding and help them to remain straight.

This will make a hair setting easier for people will curly or wavy hair. Hair straightening helps to increase the length of the hair and helps the person to try a different style as desired by them. The straightening effect of these hair irons will last only till next hair wash.  If you want your straightened hair effect to last more you need to opt for permanent hair straightening using the chemicals.

The new generation straighteners

In early 90’s, the hair irons were bulky and lacked features the modern day tools have. The latest hair irons are lightweight and are easy to operate. They look like sleek wands and with just the twist of your arms you can straighten or curl your hair as required.

The features like temperature gauge help the user straighten the hair more safely without the fear of burning the hair. The sleep mode keeps the tool in switched off when not in use for more than a few minutes.

So, you don’t have to worry about whether you have kept the iron when you are away from home. There are latest travel hair straighteners which are easy to carry when you are on the go. You can find the different models of your choice from any online shopping sites.

Types of hair straighteners

Hair irons made of different materials are available in the market.  There are straighteners with ceramic plates, titanium plates, metal plates or Tourmaline plates.  If you are looking for irons which provide even heating and with lesser chances of burning the hair, then ceramic irons are the best options.

Titanium plates offer the fastest heating and leaving the iron on the hair for too long can cause damage to your hair. Tourmaline plates can improve the shine of the hair and make them less frizzy. Make sure that you do not set the heat above 365 degrees as it can damage the hair.

Select according to hair type

You need to select the hair straighteners according to your hair type. There are different size of the plates for different lengths and type of hair.

  • Flat irons with less than a ½ inch are suitable for bangs and pixie cuts
  • If you have short fine hair reaching up to your chin, then go for one-inch flat iron
  • For medium thick hair that comes to shoulder length, you need irons with at least 1 ¼ inch plate size
  • Coarse, thick and curly hair requires at least 1 ½ inch iron for perfect straightening
  • Opt for 2inch flat irons for long and thick hair

Problems with hair straighteners

When you use hair straighteners regularly, your hair becomes dry and brittle. Hence, you need to apply appropriate conditioners to retain the moisture. You need to select the irons which are designed to give minimal heat damage to the hair.

The varied heat options in the latest tools help to select the ideal heat settings, which are best suited to your hair type. So, you don’t have to worry about split ends and damaged hair when you use good quality hair irons for straightening.

Moreover, there is specific ironing tools designed for colored or dyed hair. There are heat protection sprays available in the market which can decrease the damages to the hair while using hair irons.

You can compare the different products available in the market for hair straightening. Consider the hair straightening efficiency, the damages to hair, temperature control mechanism, durability and price before making the purchase.

Do not opt for cheaper items which can cause damage to your hair. Use the right type of tool to create a gorgeous feminine look with hairstyling.

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