All Types Of Hair Straightener

All types of hair straightener

Glossy and straight hair is the latest trend in hair styling and flat irons or hair straighteners are the easy way to achieve the type of hair style you want. There are abundant varieties of techniques and products available to straighten the tresses and you need to consider the texture of hair when you buy a hair straightener to get the optimum results you are looking for.

These tools use heat to straighten the hair and according to the thickness of your hair, the heating required will also vary. Thin hair can get damaged by tools which produce high heat and thick hair will not get straightened if there is no enough heat. So, you need to know about all types of hair straighteners before you look for one.

Thin or wide straighteners

You can find hair straighteners which have thin or wide plates to heat the hair.

  • Thin flat irons are more suited for people with short and thin hair. It is the perfect tool to create spikes and to style the bangs
  • Straighteners with wide heating plates are the right option for people with thick long hair
  • If you have short hair, then you can opt for plates with ½ to 1.5 inch width
  • For very long hair, use straighteners with more than 1.5-inch plate

You need to consider the type of plate used in a hair straightener that suits your hair type. You can find plates made of glass, metal, ceramic, titanium or tourmaline which offer different features and prices.

Straighteners with glass or metal plates

Though these are the cheapest tools available for straightening purpose, they can damage your hair a lot. It takes a long time for these types of tools to heat up and they do not heat evenly. This may cause hot spots on the metal or glass plate which are capable of burning the hair. After using these hair irons for some time your hair will look unhealthy.

Straighteners with ceramic plates

These are the most widely used hair iron products. The hair damage is very low as they heat up quickly and evenly. The ceramic coating gives a gliding action on hair making it look smooth shiny and healthy.  The ceramic plates are a little heavy to hold.

Titanium hair irons

These irons heat up faster than the ceramic irons and are light weight compared to ceramic irons.  This helps in easy, safe and comfortable hair styling.  These irons develop an ionic charge which straightens your hair faster and leaves it very smooth.

You don’t have to go through the same section of hair many times to get the desired effect. People with thin hair, however should use this product carefully as the high heat of the iron can scorch the hair easily.

Straighteners with tourmaline plates

These are the latest addition to the hair straightener market.  The tourmaline plates become negatively charged when heated and they can heat the hair more quickly and hence you need to use the tool for less time to complete the process.

This can reduce heat damage to the hair considerably. Your hair will also get a healthier look as tourmaline helps to close the cuticle of the hair to give it a smooth and shiny finish.

Digital irons

These are hair irons with temperature controls which help you to set the exact temperature you need to straighten the hair according to your hair type. Each person has different hair texture and thickness and length and by being able to control the temperature you will be able to make the best use of the tools with least damage to the hair.

You will be able to save time on straightening the curly hair by setting it to the require temperature and running the iron just once. If the temperature is not set correct, you need to use the iron on the same area again and again to get the perfect effect.

So which type of hair straightener is best? The price of the hair straightener is a major factor that is considered by the buyers. Do not take decisions just based on the price alone. Think about the features, performance and the quality of the product before opting for a particular product. Select a good brand from reputed online dealers to ensure good quality product and timely delivery of the item.

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