One of the Best Hair Straightener for the Money: Remington S5520 Digital Anti Static Ceramic Review

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No fuss, no stress – The Remington S5520 is one of the most foolproof tools available! Whether you want to achieve smooth and straight styles or effortless waves and still have time for your morning coffee, this straightener will be your new go-to tool.

The Remington S5520 anti static ceramic is by far one of the best values on the market! The design is simple and straightforward, and super user-friendly. This tool is also easily stored, so it is great for a fast-paced lifestyle or a frequent traveler.

If you’re looking for one of the best hair straightener for the money, the Remington Pro 1 ¾” Digital Heat Wide Flat Iron with Anti-Static Ceramic Technology, Purple, S5520 may be your saving grace. At a sleek 11’’, the simple, no-frills design features a vibrant purple color, 1 3/4’’ ceramic plates, and digital controls, which display the temperature and power level on an LCD screen.

This straightener heats up to an impressive 410° in 30 seconds, and will shut off automatically in 6o minutes. For added safety, a hinge lock makes for easy storage and travel. Finally, the Remington S5520 has a swivel cord, which makes styling at any angle a breeze.


The Remington S5520 Digital Anti-Static Ceramic Hair Straightener eliminates static as well as wait time. The turbo-boost feature increases the heat to its top temperature, so you can choose to control the temperature as needed, or use the salon-grade 410° temperature if necessary.

If you’re looking for quick and easy styling, look no further: the floating ceramic plates are extra long for more control. This improved design reduces static and frizz by 50 percent more than previous models. In 30 seconds, this straightener will be ready to go, and the sliding ceramic plates make for a smooth and painless styling process for all hair types.

Who hasn’t left the house only to worry, ten minutes into your commute, that you may have left the straightener on? The auto-shutoff feature eliminates that stress, letting you breathe a sigh of relief.


  • Portable
  • Travel-friendly
  • Space-saving
  • Great for all hair types: tightly coiled to straight, including African-American hair.
  • Quick to heat up
  • More control
  • Great value
  • Automatic shutoff feature


  • Does not last forever—usually, it lasts about 2 years
  • No extra features or bonus items
  • Very basic design
  • No warranty

Summary – One of the Best Hair Straightener for the Money

The Remington S5520 is a true bargain! With an intuitive design and features, fun bright purple color, and easy storage, the Remington S5520 is one of the best values for heat styling products. The Remington S5520 is perfect for those on the go, teens, students, or frequent travellers.

This straightener has shown to perform well on all hair types, from simple frizz-taming to more elaborate styles. If you’re looking for sleek and foolproof design for a low price, the Remington S5520 is a very simple solution to a potential bad hair day—with no struggle. You’ll be frizz-free and sleek in no time.


The xtava 2-in-1 Magic Wand also boasts a similar price point and design, but it does not necessarily deliver on all hair types. The Remington S5520 is much more effective on African-American or naturally curly hair and is one of the best hair straightener for thick coarse hair, whereas the xtava 2-in-1 Magic Wand is best for fine to normal hair, and its clamp-less wand style is great for either curling or straightening, but its design is much less intuitive than the Remington S5520, though it boasts a ‘minimalist’ design.

The ISA Victorya Straightener, like the Remington S5520, has 100% floating ceramic plates, intuitive temperature adjustment, and a no-tangle cord. Like the Remington S5520, it also is great on all hair types, especially natural curls and waves. However, the ISA Victorya Straightener is significantly more expensive at $85.00. It also offers a two-year warranty, which offers some peace of mind as well.


For those of us who travel regularly, or have precious little time to get ready in the morning, the Remington Pro 1 ¾” Digital Heat Wide Flat Iron with Anti-Static Ceramic Technology, Purple, S5520 is a true time-saver. This straightener fits perfectly into a suitcase, and the secure hinge-lock adds an extra level of safety on the go.

The only real concern is how long it lasts: generally, this tool will only last about two years, if used on a regular basis, but for the low price, easy styling and versatility with several hair types, this straightener is a steal!

Keep one in your suitcase, stash one in the guest bathroom, or save one for a backup tool just in case. The Remington S5520 also makes a great first styling tool for a hair rookie: its easy-to-use format is foolproof, and the fun purple color is a great addition to any beauty routine.

Generally, this product is versatile: it works in a pinch for taming frizz or it can be used to create more elaborate styles. For a beginner, a woman with a busy lifestyle, or a pro in need of a backup tool, this straightener is well worth the price.

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