What Are Good Hair Straightener Brands?

what are good hair straightener brands

Every woman loves to have a straight and attractive looking hair. Women give a lot of importance to styling the hair whenever they attend parties, functions or events. But, the irony is that most women are not blessed with beautiful straight hair and they tend to rely on products to make their hair look straight.  And they always find themselves asking “what are good hair straightener brands?” which we’ll hopefully help you answer!

This is why there is a huge demand for the hair straightening brands in the market today. With the demand being so high, a lot of manufacturers have come out with innovative hair straightening products to help women straighten their hair quickly and easily.

Buying a hair straightener

As there are plenty of hair straightening manufacturers available these days, it always becomes a bit confusing to decide which brand to choose. The task of choosing the best hair straightener brands becomes easier once you know the price spectrum of the brand and what you can expect from the brand.

A great brand might not be able to come out with a good iron or a mediocre brand might turn out to be a very good option as it offers plenty of features at an attractive price. All this puts the buyer in a lot of dilemma. This is a guide that will direct you to the best hair straighteners based on the features they offer, the types and the prices.

Choosing the best

There are different things you need to consider when choosing a hair straightener. It is highly important to make the right choice when buying a hair straightening brand or else it could damage your hair and make you feel frustrated and unhappy about the choice.

Top recommended hair straighteners

When doing a comparison of hair straighteners, you should take a look at the reviews and comments leave on the seller page. This will inform you of what other people have experienced with the particular product and will help you choose the best affordable hair straightener.

Plate types

The most important thing that you should keep a close eye on as far as hair straightening iron is concerned is that type of plate used in making the iron. Some of the most common types of plates used to make hair straightening irons are glass, ceramic, metal and titanium. There are straighteners that are made using a combination of titanium and ceramic.

Metal or glass plates

These are the least expensive hair straighteners you will find in the market. They will not catch heat that easily and it will take a longer time for you to get your hair straight and styled while using them. They also might burn your hair if not used properly and carefully. The glass or the metal plates would be covered with paint that would chip off after some time. This can cause pull or tear your hair.

Ceramic hair straighteners

The most common type of hair straighteners you find in the market today is the ceramic plated hair irons. These plates will heat up evenly and quickly and therefore there will be no hot spots on the plate.

So, your hair will not get damaged using the plate. The plates will get ready to style your hair as soon as it is plugged in. There are many leading brands that make ceramic plated hair irons. These straighteners will help in making your hair smooth, shiny and healthy.

Titanium hair straighteners

The best choice for a hair straightening iron is the one made using titanium. It is a very strong straightener even though it is lightweight. You can use this hair straightening tool very easily on your air and you will not suffer from any sore arms.

The titanium plates get heated quickly and there will be even spread of heat over the plates. These plates are harmless for the hair and will help in easily making your hair look straight, smooth and shiny. It will only take a few minutes for you to get your curved hair straight using the titanium plated hair straightening brands you find in the market.

Other features to look for

The plate types are not the only feature you need to look into when buying a hair straightener brand.

The temperature adjustment is another thing that you should keep an eye on. The machine you choose must be one that has a temperature adjusting feature as everyone will not be having the same type of hair. The size of the hair straightener also has to be taken into account.

  • For short hair, a narrower hair straightener will be more than enough
  • For long hairs, try buying straighteners with plate sizes 2 to 3 inches
  • The weight of the iron and the cord length needs to be taken into consideration for choosing a hair straightening brand

With these few tips, you will be able to buy the best hair straightener for your hair.

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