Buying Guide To Help You Buy The Best Hair Straightener in the World

Best Hair Straightener in the World

Are curly and frisky hairs worrying you? Do you want to buy a hair straightener to tame your hair and make it look stylish? The heated plates of the hair straightener will work on the hair follicles to straighten your hair as the plates move on it.

As it involves hot styling it is very important to choose the right kind of straightener to prevent any damage to your hair. A good quality hair straightener will help in giving your hair the looks, shine, glow and also make it healthier. It will not cause any damage to the hair as well.

The following are the things that you should check out when buying a hair straightener to help you buy the best hair straightener in the world.

Hair straightener materials

The most important thing is to check out the materials used in the plates. The plates have to be made using materials that are good conductors of heat. There must be low friction between the plates and the hair so that there is very less hair breakage. The common materials used in making hair straightener plates are given below.

Titanium plates are strong, but are lightweight. They will heat up quickly and will also heat evenly. Tourmaline plates will lock in the moisture of the hair and also remove the static action as it generates negative ions.

It will offer a glossy and shiny look to your hair. It is a type of gemstone. Ceramic coated plates will heat up very quickly, but they cannot retain the heat for long. Solid ceramic is the most popular and affordable type as it heats very quickly and evenly and the heat will be retained at a constant temperature.

Ceramic and Teflon coated plates are used in some hair straighteners. They will ensure very low friction between the plates and the hair and thereby no frizzy hair. These plates are very easy to clean.


The hair straighteners that offer maximum heat are the best to enjoy maximum results. But, setting the temperature to the highest level will not work for all kinds of hair. It is important to choose machines that offer temperature adjusting option so that one can choose the right temperature for their hair. The best straighteners would be ones with digital display for the temperature to offer the best accuracy.

Heating up time

The time taken from the plates to heat up is one thing that you should look into when choosing a hair straightener. The initial heat up time and the time it can withstand the desired temperature needs to be checked out. You should choose straighteners that will heat up fast and also retain the temperature for some time.

Width of the plates

The type of your hair and its length will decide on the right size and width of the hair straightener plates.

  • If you are having shorter hair, then you can choose slim plates that are 2.5 to 3 cm in width
  • If you have medium textured hair, then choosing straighteners with medium plate size of 3 to 4 cm width is a very good option
  • The plates that are more than 5 to 6 cm long are most suited to straighten long and thick hairs
  • These wide plates will help in straightening more hair at one time and also work on thick hairs faster

Wet to straight hair

If you are always in a hurry and do not have the time to dry out your hair using a hair blower after a bath before using a straightener, then you can use the wet to dry hair straightener. This machine can be used on towel dried hair, but not directly on the wet hair. The excess water on the hair will be vaporized when the plate runs over them. These machines offer long lasting results, but are expensive.

Buying the best hair straightener in the world

The size, budget, the plate width, the ease of handling and warranty are important standards that you should keep an eye on when hunting for hair straighteners. If you are looking for a basic and affordable model, then opt for a model with ceramic plates and variable temperature settings.

A travel straightener is an ideal option for women who are always on the move. If you want a machine that is very kind to your hair, then choose one with ionic straightening or one that offers infrared heating.

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